Welcome to E.A. Farren, Limited

E.A. Farren, Limited, a privately held company established in 1907 and licensed to practice engineering, possesses a network of strong national and international business relationships and deep practical experience that enables it to deal effectively with business and legislative practices in major corners of the world.

The team at E.A. Farren, Limited is international in perspective and enjoys work experience and business relationships in North America, Europe, the Middle East, the Indian sub-continent and Asia.

E.A. Farren, Limited provides project development and project management and engineering services from conception in product mix determination in view of permitted land uses and market potential, architectural design and construction to project completion, and commissioning in residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional construction projects including schools and hospitals.

E.A. Farren, Limited's team is equally experienced in the design and execution of infrastructure projects from inception to completion including roads and bridges, ports and harbours, rail, airports, and intelligent public transportation systems; civic infrastructure and the administration and governance of those assets including streets and roads, water supply and conservation, waste water treatment, and solid waste management including its collection, storage, transportation, treatment and disposal, and the production of clean energy from biomass and waste.

E.A. Farren, Limited is equally experienced in energy management and water and waste water efficiencies in communities, residential and commercial complexes, and institutions including hospitals and schools, industry, and agriculture.