The following list presents links to sources of information that can be helpful for day to day and long-term management approaches. 

  • The Economist
    Contains very helpful information from the world's most influential magazine on business, finance and economics, science and technology, markets and data. It also provides insightful information through country briefings and a very useful cities guide for the business traveller that includes tips on the local social practices.
  • Financial Times
    Provides very helpful markets information from one of the world's leading financial newspapers on US, UK, European, and Asia-Pacific equities, currencies, bonds and commodities. It also provides excellent market data and analytical tools.
  • Forbes
    Provides insightful information on business, technology, markets, and the workplace environment.
  • Fortune
    Contains insightful information on the Fortune 500 and Global 500 companies and on CEOs, investing, and technology.
  • Wall Street Journal
    Provides very helpful information on business in the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Americas and on the economy, politics and policy, earnings, the media, and marketing.
  • Bloomberg
    Stock market information, quotes, brokers, and articles.
    News reviews and advice on Money and Investing.
  • Seeking Alpha
    An excellent source for everything you need to know about the Wall Street markets, in real-time.